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The odds of winning Powerball USA are 1-in-195,249,054 – but the odds of landing the 5 main numbers are only 1-in-5,006,386. I know, 1 in 5 Million is still massive, but it is a lot better than 1 in 195 Million.

The way the odds are calculated are based on the fact each of the 5,006,386 5-number combinations can be matched with each of the 39 powerballs; 5,006,386 x 39 = 195,249,054.

However, the chances of a win of some kind are just 1 in 61.74; in future posts we will show you how to guarantee a win every time you play :-)

Terry Fisher is a Double Million-Dollar Australia Lottery Winner – Here is the first of his Lotto Wins:

lotto win

For Powerball Australia, please see which also has our Two Million-Dollar Checks onsite.     

Powerball Numbers Done For You

While there are some great Powerball books and Powerball Software, a question I get frequently is, “Can you just do my Powerball Numbers for me?”

Truth is, most people do not want to read Powerball books or learn Powerball Software; they just want the Powerball numbers done for them.

There is a full article on “Powerball Numbers Done For You” on the Winning Lotto Blog – But here is a cut down version.

Playing all 5,006,386 games is the ONLY way to Guarantee all 5 Winning Powerball Numbers.

Playing 195,249,054 games is the ONLY way to Guarantee all 5 Winning Powerball Numbers plus the Powerball.

So, let’s look at a sensible, Value-For-Money, approach to Winning Powerball Systems.

To absolutely, 100%, Guarantee 2 of the main 5 numbers requires 53 games – and even 53 games is stretching most people’s lotto budget.   The way we construct our Winning Powerball Systems, these 53 games also Guarantee at least 20 winning numbers from the main 5;  ie, all 5 main numbers are included a minimum of 4 times in your 53 games.  In addition, you are guaranteed the Powerball itself at least once (provided you play all 39 Powerballs).

However, while it takes 53 games to 100% Guarantee 2 of the main 5 numbers, it only requires 39 games to give you a 95% Probability of 2 of the main 5 Powerball numbers.  Because this also means you can guarantee getting the Powerball, this is a real Value For Money approach to Winning Powerball Systems.

Another option is a 25-game approach that give you an 83% Probability of 2 of the main 5 numbers.  These 25 games provide at least 10 Winning numbers, because of the way we construct our Winning Powerball Systems.

This 25 game Powerball entry is within budget for most people once the Powerball Jackpot starts to grow.

Moving up a step, to guarantee 3 of the 5 winning Powerball numbers requires 1,643 games.  However, only 744 games are required to give a 95% Probability of 3 of the main 5 Powerball numbers – less than half.  A 90% Probability requires 598 games, while a 75% Probability requires 381 games.

We give you all of these Winning Powerball Systems, because as the Powerball Jackpot climbs you can form Powerball Clubs and then choose a system that fits your groups budget.

Please select 25, 39, 53, 381,  598, 744 or 1643 Powerball games from the DropDown box below; you can pay by Credit Card or Paypal.

Number of Games Reqd:

Thank you for your Winning Powerball Systems Order – Your Special Numbers will be emailed to you within 2-3 Business Days (We have to create them specially for you).

Secret Powerball Patterns

If you have read the preceding articles:

Winning Powerball: Odds and Evens


Winning Powerball Numbers


Winning Powerball: Consecutive Numbers

You will already understand that there IS something you can do to improve your odds of Winning Powerball.

With 69 out of the 100 Powerball Draws having results that are  either “Two Odd Numbers + Three Even numbers” or “Three Odd Numbers + Two Even numbers” hopefully these are the two result-types you now focus on.

Starting to think about upper and lower limits for each of the five main balls should hopefully have stopped you marking 1-2-3-4-5 on your coupon.

And consecutive numbers ?  Now that you know that 96  of our 100 Powerball Draws ended with either no consecutive Powerball numbers or just 2 consecutive Powerball numbers, these are the only game-types you play.

What if all of these Powerball Tips – And More! – were available in one place?  With fill-in-the-blanks forms provided to help you play in the “Smart Play Zones?”

Well, now they are.

Here is the Contents Page for the Brand New “Secret Powerball Patterns.”

Secret Powerball Patterns Contents Page

At just $19.95 – With a No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee if you are not absolutely delighted – Can you afford to waste more money playing losing Powerball Tickets without this vital Powerball Intelligence?


Winning Powerball Book Cover

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Secret Powerball Patterns

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There is a 60-Day unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Win Powerball Every Week: Secret Powerball Systems

Discover The Secret Powerball System That Gives You A Win Of Some Kind Every Week!

Is it possible to win the Powerball Lottery every single week?  Yes.

Can you win Powerball First Prize every week? Dream On!

There are 195,249,054 combinations in Powerball and the only way to guarantee first prize is to play every single one of them.  Assuming you can not afford to play 195,249,054 games, let’s move on to look at what we can achieve within a reasonable budget.

Looking at the five main Powerball numbers alone, there 5,006,386 combinations possible.  So the question is, how many games are required to make sure that we at least three of those five numbers together.  The answer is 1,650 –  so when you take into consideration the prize you would be paid for a three number win, this is a non-starter.

The next question is, how many games to ensure you get a 2-number payout?  This is a much more satisfactory position, with just 90 games required.  While testing the system, I regularly got multiple two-number wins, giving a regular pay back to offset the cost of playing.

This is one of my most basic philosophies – let’s make sure we get some return to reduce the cost of playing every week.

Our Special Report includes this 90 game system.  However, there is what I think is a better alternative.

To ensure you get at least two prizes, I suggest playing three sets of 20 numbers, each one with a two from two Guarantee.  This is how it works.

If you play all 59 numbers and one of them a second time – in three sets of 20 numbers – then least one of those sets must contain two winning numbers.  If your split over five winning numbers is 2-2-1, then you have two groups that will pay out on two winning Powerball numbers.  If your split is 3-1-1, then you have one group that has multiple payouts of two Powerball numbers.

With 60 games in total, you can mark all 39 Powerballs once and some twice.  This adds to your guaranteed payout.

Powerball Systems

Most people play in a disorganised way that does not guarantee any return.

By playing in an organised way, you may not land first prize, but you can guarantee that you will have a win of some kind.

By guaranteeing two Winning Powerball Numbers together, you are 40% of the way towards getting All Five Main Powerball Numbers.  This organised response also guarantees that you reduce the cost of playing by regular small wins, while of course hoping for the big one.

Three sets of 24 games requires 72 games in total, so it is cheaper to play than the 90 game system that absolutely guarantees two from five over the whole 59 numbers.  Which will give you the better return varies, according to which winning numbers come out, but my preference is for three sets of 24 games, each with a two-from-two guarantee.  In addition, I’d make sure I played all of the Powerballs and most of them twice – Unless of course you also have the Special Report “Secret Powerball Patterns’ and have identified a group of Powerballs that you consider highly likely to come out.

A second advantage is that anyone who can afford to play only 24 games, can still choose 20 numbers and play those, knowing that if they get as few as two winning Powerball numbers they still have a guaranteed return.

In relation to playing within your means, we strongly recommend getting together with a group of friends and reducing the overall cost to an individual cost that everyone can afford. For some people, even a 24 game entry will mean joining together with friends.

We cannot stress too much the importance of playing within your budget; please do not try to buy a win, it simply does not work.

Your 24 game Powerball system comes in a separate file, allowing you to print out multiple copies without destroying the original.  There is also a worked example, to show you what your finished entry looks like.

The 24 game system is very easy to complete, you simply enter your 20 numbers along the top and then carry them down into the empty boxes.

The 90 game Powerball system is also included in a separate file. Completing both Powerball Systems can be a Manual exercise, or you can use Excel.

Worked examples are given in the Special Report, “Win Powerball Every Week.”

Powerball Systems Report

For Guaranteed Winning Powerball Numbers, pick up this Special Report, “Win Powerball Every Week” Now!

The cost is just $19.95 – Can you afford to throw away more money on losing Powerball Tickets?  Or is it time to copy a Double Million Dollar Lotto Winners tips?

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Winning Powerball: Odds and Evens

To Improve Your Odds of Winning Powerball in the future, it helps to be aware of what has worked in past Powerball Draws.  This post focuses on Odds and Evens for Powerball, using 100 actual Powerball Draws to May 2010.

Only ONE Powerball Result has had All 5 Numbers Odd in the last 100 Draws.

Only THREE Powerball Results have had NO Odd Numbers in the last 100 Draws.

Statistically, you can expect 5 Numbers all Odd around 3% of Powerball Draws, and No Odd Numbers just over 2% of all draws.

In both theory and Actual Powerball Results, you are playing in the “3% Zone” if you play either 5 Numbers All Odd or No Odd Numbers.  Sure they CAN will – But there is a 97% Probability that they will NOT win.

So – now we know what does NOT work, what has worked MOST OFTEN in Powerball Draws?

Two Odd Numbers + Three Even numbers worked in 35 of the last 100 Powerball Draws, with the Statistical Probability being around 32 draws.

Close behind was Three Odd Numbers + Two Even numbers, which worked in 34 of the last 100 Powerball Draws, with the Statistical Probability being around 33 draws.

So, logic predicts that two weeks out of three, your Powerball Result will be one of the two result-types above.  In practice, with 69 of the 100 Powerball Draws being either “Two Odd Numbers + Three Even numbers” or “Three Odd Numbers + Two Even numbers” this is equally true.

So, our advice is – Play only these two Powerball game types.

Here is my 5-Number Australian Powerball win:

Win Powerball 5 numbers

More Winning Powerball Tips coming soon …

Winning Powerball Numbers

Applying science to each individual ball in Powerball can be very helpful.  People often tell me anything is possible for the Winning Powerball Numbers.  I tell them, “Maybe – But some things are more probable than others.”

Here is an example.  The lowest ball in the last 100 Powerball draws (to May 2010) ranges from 1 (obviously!) up to 42.

However, HALF of that Range – 1 to 21 – accounts for 91 of the last 100 Powerball Results.  The Top Half – 22 to 42 – accounts for only 9% of all results.  So Yes, anything possible – But some things are more PROBABLE than others (Even that is not totally true – the lowest ball is never going to be 58 :-) )

So – Can we take this further?

Yes.  The numbers 1 to 17 account for just over 80% of all Powerball results.  This is where I would focus my efforts; If I use 1 to 17 for my lowest Powerball Number, I am going to be correct 8 weeks out of 10.  Sure, I will get it wrong occassionally, but at least I am playing “The Smart Play Zone (TM)”

The numbers 1 to 14 account for just over 70% of all Powerball results – So using this range we would (on average) be correct 7 weeks out of ten, and wrong 3 weeks out of 10.

If you are SERIOUS about Winning Powerball, this “intelligence” is vital.

The highest number ranges from 20 to 59 over the same 100 Powerball Results (to May 2010).

The numbers 50 to 59 cover 66% of draws; to get to an 80% Success rate, we need to use Powerbal Numbers 41 to 59.

Watch out for a Special Powerball Numbers Report coming soon, covering all 5 balls for 100 Powerball Results to May 2001.

Winning Powerball: Consecutive Numbers

Consecutive Powerball Numbers are another area that most people get badly wrong without good Powerball Intelligence.

What are the Odds of there being NO consecutive Powerball numbers ?  In theory, 69.5% of all Powerball Draws should statistically end with no consecutive Powerball numbers.  What happened in our 100 Powerball draws?  70 draws out of the 100 ended with no consecutive Powerball numbers.

And the other 30 draws?  Well, 26 had just 2 consecutive Powerball numbers and the other 4 had 3 consecutives.

With over 95% of all Powerball draws having either no consecutive Powerball numbers or just two – We suggest you play only these two Powerball Game Types.

Terry Fisher is the creator of “Lottery Profiling.”  Here is his second Million Dollar Lotto Win –

Winning Lotto Two

Both of Terry’s wins have been in Syndicates; this one was with a Lotto Agent.

Check back soon for more Powerball usa tips.

Powerball Systems, Powerball Strategies, Powerball Statistics

A Powerball Systems Article from Ezine Articles:

To win Powerball lottery, you need a combination of power ball systems, strategies and statistics.

Powerball Systems

There are many different types of Powerball system. To illustrate their benefits, let us first look at playing a set of 10 Powerball numbers. A Powerball system for 10 numbers requires 252 games; this is the only way to totally guarantee that if you have all five winning numbers they will be together.

However, a four-from-four system for 10 numbers requires just 54 games. What this means is that, if you have four winning numbers, they are guaranteed to be together.

Which leaves the question of what happens if you have all five winning powerball numbers? Since every game you play contains five numbers, if you are guaranteed four winning powerball numbers together, then you must have a one-in-six chance of getting the five winning powerball numbers together. This is the trade-off you make for saving almost 80% of the cost.

Powerball Strategies

However, if you look at “Powerball Strategies”, you can play five sets of 10 numbers with a four-from-four guarantee in 270 games. Contrast this with playing a full Powerball system for 10 numbers in 252 games, and you have an interesting strategic argument. The former allows you to play up to 50 numbers, if your sets of 10 are all different numbers; this significantly improves your chances of winning smaller prizes, and also of getting the five winning numbers somewhere in your entry to start with.

Powerball Statistics
Terry Fisher, Basic PLUS Author

The “Powerball Statistics” element can be illustrated by the fact that a set of 10 numbers that contains five odd numbers and five even numbers, is significantly better than a set of 10 numbers that are all odd or all even.

This is because around two thirds of all Powerball results include either, two odd numbers plus three even numbers, or three odd numbers plus two even numbers.

In theory, powerball results that have all odd numbers or all even numbers are due around 5% of the time, or around one week in every 20 weeks. Actual powerball results bear this out.

By choosing carefully your Powerball system, your Powerball strategy, and applying Powerball statistics to how you play, you can significantly improve your chances of winning powerball.

For those more budget conscious, a Powerball system for 10 numbers that includes a three-from-three guarantee requires just 18 games. This enables an individual to play 10 Powerball numbers with a guaranteed result of any three winning numbers being together in just 18 games.

For a Lotto club, multiple entries of 10 numbers using this powerball system are not that expensive.

The Powerball

Which still leaves us with the Power Ball itself, drawn from the second barrel. One great system splits the 20 previous Powerball results into four groups. Two groups are established by splitting the Power Ball into odds and evens, and then subdividing each group into a top and bottom half. If one of these four groups begins to significantly trail the other three, that is the one you should focus on – because in due time all four groups will even out.

Focus on using Powerball Systems, Powerball Strategies, and Powerball Statistics together synergistically – And watch your “luck” improve!

If you are looking for tips on Winning Powerball or on Winning Lotto, Terry Fisher is a double million-dollar lottery winner living on Australia’s Gold Coast. Both of Terry’s million-dollar wins have been in six ball lotteries playing with syndicates that he organises.

Terry has had five winning Powerball numbers and has also had a win of four numbers plus the Powerball. His winning formula is based on integrating Powerball systems with Powerball strategies with Powerball statistics.

Check them out the links above now and significantly improve your chances of Winning Lotto and Winning Powerball.

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